Bands you can’t not love (1): Ra Ra Riot

Ra Ra Riot playing at the Ruby Lounge, Manchester, May 18th, 2011.

Yesterday’s post was about a show I attended on Thursday, the last in a row of four shows in four days. Obviously, we are in the middle of the concert season finale. Apart from a few gigs bleeding into June (on my list: Funeral Party with support from Tribes; Caribou with support from Battles; and finally, Death Cab For Cutie with support from The Head And The Heart), we’ll soon be through with club shows until September, so the last few should be especially appreciated.

On Wednesday I would have had the chance to attend one of the last gigs Peter Doherty played before being sentenced to jail only few days later. I sort of saw it coming, but still decided to dedicate myself to a different band that night – mostly because I was afraid that Pete was somehow on the run from the authorities and thus unable to show up. So I went for the safe option: New York based Ra Ra Riot, a six-headed crossing of sparkling indie pop and a string quartet – and by sparkling I mean fucking sparkling.

Yes this violin is fucking sparkling.

They recently released their second album ‘The Orchard’, and all those who loved their 2008 debut ‘The Rhumb Line‘ will know what to expect: perfectly crafted songs that dance effortlessly between dreamy and dramatic. On stage they will play instruments such as sparkling violins and bodyless cellos, making colourful hills grow out of the floor (maybe not, but at least that’s what their new video suggests; see below), there are always free posters for some reason, and autographs at the merch for everyone. I have seen Ra Ra Riot play a 350-capacity club earlier, and their show at the Ruby Lounge was also attended by at least 200, which is why I was devastated to hear that they will play a 50-people venue in my hometown next Wednesday. I really hope this isn’t because they couldn’t get anything bigger, because everything this band does is golden and a lot more people should realise that. If you haven’t yet, start by watching their latest video:


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