Kaiser Chiefs: Build a record, boys!

Personally, I think the crash of the music industry was the best thing that could happen. What else could have rendered labels and artists this inventive?

For instance. Who would have thought, just ten years back, that each fan would one day be able to create their own personalised record, choosing 10 out of 20 songs and designing their own album artwork?* Exactly.

So the above scenario is what the Kaiser Chiefs thought of to generate some media attention preceding the release of their fourth longplayer. They even thought of a witty title: ‘The Future is Medieval’.

Even if you hate the Kaiser Chiefs (which I assume most people do), the page is worth looking at for the cute flash animation alone (which will appear after clicking on ‘create album’). I for one liked their first two albums at least, so I clicked on some of the neat little symbols and listened to about five snippets, but what I heard sounded even less interesting than their failed third release, ‘Off with their Heads’. So yeah, guess the idea is good, but I’d say, ‘something for fans’.

* I learnt at university that there once, long ago, were sellers who would sell you tapes of your self-made playlists. I mean you could technically do that at home, which I guess is why the business idea eventually failed. Of course, the Kaiser Chiefs aren’t exactly offering something you can’t do yourself at home either … but as I said, it’s a nice way of trying to sell the fan something a little more original than just a plain old album.


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