Festival Season 2011 (4): Fake Days, Raa-Besenbek (DE)

The other weekend, I took a spontaneous trip to the countryside. It was one of the last days of actual summer, and my destination of choice was Fake Days Festival. A fake day, according to the festival’s self-description (stolen from Urban Dictionary), is ‘the day that occurs after one or many has imbibed a large amount of substances be them liquid or powder, organic or chemical that does not exist. All who partake will agree to said day did not exist and continue the following day as though it was the day previous.’

In fact, a couple of things were surreal about said festival’s setting, and they became more surreal by the hour, as the imbibing of substances continued. Not that I was surprised they sold spirit & mixers for 2,50€, but my urban liver was certainly not adapted to the fact that those were 50% spirit.

However, while still sober enough I spared no pains to capture Fake Days’ unique atmosphere in some hardly photoshopped impressions. Enjoy.

Please welcome: Hans' Bauernhof. Comes with a free campsite.
It may not be big, but it has three floors, a bar and … a cinema!
Plus exotic beer brands and many opportunities to show off one's new 5€ ray-bans.
Clearly the village youth had spent days decorating. And the result was well worth it!
I'm sure our youngest guest approved.
We think these guys were doing Capoeira.
Everyone was in their best Sunday clothes (even though it was Saturday)
Never been to a disco barn before. Loved it.
Also we taught the Englishmen the pleasures of cool maté.
You don't wanna know how many dunghills this ball had been in that day.
And yes, there was also music. I present the lovely Rory Hill (of The Kabeedies), performing solo at the so-called ‘Glory Hole’.
And of course The Kabeedies, Saturday's headliner, who were pleased to rape our feet with their hyperactive, cruelly catchy indie punk-pop anthems.
Admittedly, everything after dark is a bit blurred in my memory.
The kind of photos you find the next day, thinking: What the hell?
So this was what we did.


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