Bands you can’t not love (2): Jukebox The Ghost

This article may well have gone into the ‘Discovered’ category, because I’ve only been listening to Jukebox the Ghost for a few weeks, but since seeing them live the other day I couldn’t not switch on the promo machine aka my blog, and I think ‘Bands you can’t not love’ reflects my current euphoria way better.

So what do these three guys from Washington, D. C. have to offer? First of all, a mighty piano-laden sound (and I adore pianos, ok). Then they radiate a happiness that makes you wonder what they put in their tea and whatever it is, whether you can have some of it. Moreover, there are of course the melodies and the both skilled and totally over-the-top singing style of Ben Thornewill, who has also got a madman’s eyes and a parrot’s head movements, another reason why they are so entertaining on stage. Oh, and they’ve got handclaps, and one of the best t-shirt designs I’ve seen in a bit.

You know whenever you’re at a show, sooner or later the artist/s will ‘thank you for coming out’ or ‘having’ them and usually babble on about how many times they’ve been to your country/town and how much they’re liking it, and you, and how much it means to them. Most of the time you’re just like ‘yeahyeahyeah, now keep playing you douchebags’. But then there is a small number of bands that make you wanna say: ‘You are thanking us for coming out? We should thank you! We should thank you for existing!’ This is one of those bands. This is even one of those bands that after the concert is over make you wanna say ‘Again! Again!’ like a demented character from children’s TV. Even my sister, whom I’d more or less dragged along on account that she liked fun. (who are basically a not-so piano-based version of Jukebox the Ghost, but with more brass in it), said that it was long ago she’d had this much fun at a show. No pun intended.

UPDATE: After Jukebox The Ghost shared this article on Twitter, this little blog had its busiest day so far. Also their PR manager notified me there is a free download of their track ‘The Stars’. Click the arrow below and enjoy!

I also recommend taking a look at this video and then buying their (at least over here) freshly released second album ‘Everything under the Sun’.

(The mocking about with TV’s reminds me of good ole The Matches, R.I.P. Just like their singing, btw.)


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