Bands you can’t not love (3): Mother Mother

Last night I witnessed the first ever Hamburg show by Canadian indie pop outfit Mother Mother, another band I have discovered very recently, and instantly liked. To be honest, I struggled a bit whether to put them in the ‘Bands you can’t not love’ category, or whether to post anything on this concert at all, but that possibly had to do with my relative sleepiness as I had basically gotten out of bed two hours prior to the show. However, their relentlessly catchy pop tunes did the job of waking me up and making me realise I better use that last song for some snapshots to adorn the blog entry I will definitely have to post, and yes, in the ‘Bands you can’t not love’ category.

So what’s there to love? The five-piece come with a three-album-strong discography, a blend of male/female vocals, a sound that’s set up of drums, bass, a ridiculously amped acoustic guitar and two synths, meandering from bubblegum pop with a 60’s appeal to country-esque excursions, illuminated by brilliant lyrics that merge nonsense with neuroses (cf. video below). The atmosphere between band and audience is almost notoriously relaxed in the well-filled Molotow Bar, which might be thanks to the stage being almost on floor level. When I buy their latest release, ‘Eureka’, from vocalist/keyboarder Jasmin Parkin, she tells me they play in front of up to 5,000 people in their home country, but you can tell they are just as delighted to see 50 people turning up for their first Hamburg gig. I would definitely be glad to see some more the next time around. Maybe after viewing the video below, you will be one of them – in any case make sure you catch them whenever they come to a place near you!


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