The Kabeedies in Hamburg (DE), 15.04.2012

© Sonja Prahl

It is a calm Sunday evening in Hamburg’s Karoviertel – almost too calm for my taste.  When I arrive at the former slaughterhouse that now hosts a music venue,  it’s 7.30 pm and there’s no one around but me and a couple of hip teenagers hanging out on the stairs between Knust and Karostar. It turns out the bulk of Hamburg’s indie scene is somewhere else tonight: at the bomb shelter around the corner where Norwegian hype band Kakkmaddafakka are playing a sold out show. So when The Kabeedies climb on stage at the Knust surprisingly early, as the support had cancelled last minute, we’re probably no more than 50 people in the audience. Still the Norwich band don’t get tired of proclaiming their love for Hamburg (and FC St. Pauli), having played here at several occasions including two installments of Dockville Festival, where they’ll also return this summer. Despite some technical trouble, the set – comprised almost entirely of songs from their freshly released second album ‘Soap’ – quickly wins over the crowd and one or two of the guests might even attempt imitating the moves of singer Katie Allard, whose dancing style often has you wondering since when British girls can shake their hips like this, and also how on earth she manages to still sing all the while. Flanked by the crazy jumps delivered by guitarist/singer Even Jones it’s impossible to not keep your gaze on the spectacle on stage. Their quick, on-the-spot pop anthems with an afrobeat flavour do the rest to keep everyone’s faces painted with an idiotic smile and feet moving as if shot at. In this happy trance, the set just rushes by, and suddenly it’s already time to come back for an encore, this time made up of songs from their debut ‘Rumpus’. Despite the ungrateful date and time of the show, it’s clear everyone who was present had a really good time, including the band, who are available for a chat and an autograph at the improvised merch ‘stand’ aka the stage after the show. So to everyone who wasted their Sunday night on Kakkmaddafakka or watching ‘Tatort’ instead – make sure you don’t miss them at Dockville this year!

© Sonja Prahl
© Sonja Prahl

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