It had to happen …

… we are on facebook. (Yes, we. I have actually recruited new authors.)

Head over to and like if you like what you see. There will not only be updates from this blog, but also the odd music video, piece of news or whatever comes to mind.

If you were wondering what indie pen dance has been and will be up to:

I am writing my bachelor thesis and for this reason will send a correspondent to Hurricane Festival this year, as I can’t go. So check back for nice photos and reviews after the weekend of June 22–24. More festivals to come are Melt! (July 13–15), Greenville (happening for the first time this year!, July 27–29) and presumably, Dockville (August 10–12), Fake Days (August 17–18) and Reeperbahn (September 20–22). Also we may be getting another correspondent story for Berlin Festival (September 7–8).

So if you don’t want to miss out on the good stuff, you might want to consider liking the facebook page or subscribing via RSS or WordPress. See top right corner or sidebar for that …

And if you are going to a lovely festival yourself and would like to report in word or picture, do drop me a message … bellebrummell(at)hotmail(dot)com.


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