Photo Proof: fun. in Hamburg (DE), 16.07.2012

Just so returned from Melt! Festival, we were given a short-notice opportunity to see fun. perform an exclusive show for on Monday, which was also according to the band their first ever gig in Germany. (They performed at some tv show before but without audience, afaik.) As fun. are mainly to blame (besides my BA thesis) for why I’ve hardly been posting lately – they are basically the only band I’ve been listening to since April or so – sleep and work were obviously secondary. So the whole indie pen dance crew travelled to Kampnagel theatre in Hamburg and what we saw there left no doubt that fun. may not only be the band of the year, but definitely have the potential to become a major act of the decade at least. It is always a pleasure to watch a band, precisely one blessed with large-scale success such as fun. are currently experiencing, act with such utter delight at having the chance to play, and visibly enjoying it so much while not once failing to deliver absolutely professionally at the same time. It was quite awe-inspiring what kind of notes singer Nate Ruess can hit with no visible effort. With his never-resting dashing about on stage and juvenile joy at seeing one or two hundred had showed up to see his band, he seemed much less like a 30-year-old than a teenage upstart, even though they usually play in front of thousands after charting on number 1 of the US billboard chart with ‘We Are Young’. After first hearing about said incident, I felt the typical rush of disappointment at having to share ‘my’ band with radio listeners in giant venues from now on, but I have made up my mind on this topic, at least regarding fun.: Not only is it thanks to their success that I have the chance to see them live in my home country at all, they also deserve every bit of fame and love lavished on them, and yes, I think every radio listener has the right to experience the joy of hearing Ruess hit the note on ‘melody’ in the finale of ‘Be Calm.’ And everyone deserves to have their lives saved at least once by said song, or ‘Carry On’, or ‘At Least I’m Not As Sad As I Used To Be’.

The concert can be streamed in full over at My own humble videos of ‘Some Nights’ and ‘The Gambler’ are up on my YouTube channel.

The set list, for anyone intestered, in alphabetical order, was as follows (no liability): All Alone | All The Pretty Girls | At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be) | Barlights | Benson Hedges | Carry On | It Gets Better | One Foot | The Gambler | We Are Young | Why Am I The One | You Can’t Always Get What You Want | Encore: Some Nights

fun. return to Germany for a couple of shows in September, including Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg and Postbahnhof in Berlin, both of which we will attend and probably cover here as well.

And now: epic pic spam!


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