Reeperbahn Festival 2012: Friday Preview

Off we go with round no. 2 of our Reeperbahn recommendations. Today we tackle Friday’s programme and give you our personal top picks. Note that some of our tips from Thursday play another set on Friday, so you may want to check out Thursday’s recommendations too. Of course we will be back tomorrow with the last load of recs for Saturday!


15:30, Molotow Bar; 22:20, Imperial Theater

Dutchman playing songwriter pop in the vein of Dan Mangan, with orchestral instrumentation and a hint of sadness. Amazing vocals that really touch you. (recommended by Belle Brummell)


19:30, Fliegende Bauten

Hip-Hop meets opera meets Balkan folk. I absolutely love it. These are the things one would probably never come across if it wasn’t for Reepfest.  (recommended by Belle Brummell)


19:30, Grüner Jäger

Wonderfully reminiscent of Elliott Smith, this Swede is a must for lovers of bleeding-heart songwriters with strings attached.  (recommended by Belle Brummell)


19:30, Prinzenbar

Megan Washington effortlessly lays down elegant indie pop ranging from delicate to cheerful.  (recommended by Belle Brummell)


20:00, Terrace Hill

And as every year at Reepfest, I must revise my opinion on German music… Honig’s English-language songwriter-folk, his distinctive voice and well-crafted songs prove all the haters wrong (aka me.) (recommended by Belle Brummell)


20:50, Grünspan

Two guys, a guitar, drums, lots of noise and garage rock! Who needs more? Could be a nice trip, huh?  (recommended by petepelican)


21:05, Große Freiheit 36

My band of the year by far, they have heaps of addictive melodies to last you a lifetime, and deliver their cheerful indie pop live with irresistible joy and energy. Posting an ancient video because I like to stay unpredictable (and yes I liked their first album better blah), but mostly because this video is pure awesomeness. (recommended by Belle Brummell)


21:30, Docks

Forget all those famous and hyped indie bands for a short time and check out these guys. They are as good as their “Big Brothers”, but way more heavier and exquisite. (recommended by petepelican)


22:20, Grünspan

With their cheerful surfpop and good-humoured lyrics about friendship, love and the beach they’ll bring the LA sun to Hamburg. Presented by one of the toughest frontgirls you’ll ever see: Bethany Cosentino. (recommended by petepelican)


23:00, Prinzenbar

This newcomer from Berlin has all it takes for a fully grown mainstream career. White-girl soul with excellent groove and a both retro and modern feel. A tad too predictable if anything, but that didn’t bother anyone about Duffy, eh? (recommended by Belle Brummell)


23:05, Molotow Bar

The reputation of being an awesome live band precedes them, now it’s up the Oxford youngsters to live up to it. Luckily they don’t sound all that much like Foals, compared to most other indie bands these days. (recommended by Belle Brummell)


23:50, Café Keese

Some good, intelligent dance-pop with a clean female voice. Kitsuné’s contribution to this year’s Reeperbahn Festival! (recommended by petepelican)


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