Reeperbahn Festival 2012: Saturday Preview

And it’s time for the last bunch of recommendations before over 50 venues open their doors tomorrow for Reeperbahn Festival 2012. We wish you all an enjoyable festival!

Stages marked with an asterisk (*) are accessible without a wristband!


14:00, Ratsherrn Brauerei; 21:30, Hörsaal

Out of the manyfold singer-songwriter and folk acts at Reepfest, he is one you shouldn’t miss, with an outstanding voice that touches something deep inside. (recommended by Belle Brummell)


15:30, Das Herz von St. Pauli

Newcastle upstarts play hectic art-pop for fans of Everything Everything. Catch them before the album comes so you can brag about it later! (recommended by Belle Brummell)


19:30, Spielbudenplatz Stage East*, 23:45, Molotow

Lively folk-mashup from Londonder who already sang with Mumford & Sons. Kicks right in, addictive and irresistible. (recommended by Belle Brummell)


20:00, Indra

Do you miss Youth Lagoon in this year’s festival line-up? Try to check out this guy from Denmark! He’s no less dreamy and calm – a quiet start into a long and exciting festival night. (recommended by petepelican)


20:00, Knust

Their angry German punkrock tells it like it is, with a complimentary punch in your guts. Refreshingly free of clichés or ‘rebellious’ posing. (recommended by Belle Brummell)


20:15, Molotow

These guys have some really good indie-dance tunes with playful guitars and impulsive drums. So start the evening on the Molotow’s dancefloor with these “dinosaurs” from Australia. (recommended by petepelican)


21:00, Café Keese

The coolest thing to come out of Berlin this year. MIA meets Friends and the most awful clothes of the 90s. (recommended by Belle Brummell)


21:55, Molotow Bar

Weightless pop songs telling big little stories of life, free from genre boundaries. Besides, this young Brit wrote one of the most epic love songs in history: “Gay Pirates” (no irony!) (recommended by Belle Brummell)


22:30, Uebel & Gefährlich

British storytellers play indie-pop with charm and an adorable sense of humour. An absolute delight live! (recommended by Belle Brummell)


22:40, Molotow

One of NME’s Best New Bands of 2012 come along with some big refrains, in which we can sometimes hear a bit of Nirvana, but listen for yourselves! (recommended by petepelican)


00:45, Café Keese; 2:20, Neidklub

No matter how much we try to come across as tasteful and sophisticated, chances are you’ll find us at 2 in the night, drunk and tired and happy, dancing like idiots to the incredibly simple, incredibly effective electro anthems by Swedish duo Icona Pop. (recommended by Belle Brummell)


01:50, Uebel & Gefährlich

Irresistibly laid-back, soulful electronic pop from mastermind Danger Mouse’s new project. A must-not-miss! (recommended by Belle Brummell)





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