Fraktus – The godfathers of electronic music

The three German comedy masterminds of Studio Braun made their first feature film and it’s the funniest thing I have seen in ages. “Fraktus – Das letzte Kapitel der Musikgeschichte” is a mockumentary about a techno band from Northern Germany. According to the film, Fraktus are the godfathers of techno. They formed in the late 70s and unleashed their revolutionary sound throughout the early 80s, inspiring musicians like Scooter, Westbam, Stephan Remmler (Trio) and many others to start making music in the first place.

Unfortunately, their career didn’t last more than a couple records and their last gig was cut short by a fire that broke out in the venue and destroyed all of their self-built instruments, which were essential for the band’s amazing sound.

Fraktus playing live at Reeperbahn Festival

25 years later, music manager Roger Dettner decides to find the three former members of Fraktus and get them to resurrect the legendary trio for old times’ sake and to revolutionize music once again. Of course, this will be far from easy and Dettner sees himself confronted with overwhelming difficulties after he tracks down Dirk Schubert (Rocko Schamoni), Torsten Bage (Heinz Strunk) and Bernd Wand (Jaques Palminger). None of them like the idea of getting the band back together and they haven’t even talked to each other in ages. After persuading all three of them to meet up, the fun begins. They all went their separate and very different ways after Fraktus and seeing them failing to come to terms with their past and finding a way to make things work is absolutely hilarious. Once they get back to the spirit of old times, they decide to play a live show as their comeback. Not just any live show but an evening slot at famous Melt! Festival near Berlin. While the band is very excited to play live again after 25 years, the audience doesn’t quite get what they’re about and start booing them off stage and even throw pretty much everything they can get their hands on. After this devastating failure to introduce a younger audience to the absolute genius that is Fraktus, their manager urges them to get in the studio as quick as possible so their sound can get a little reworking to make it appealing to today’s music scene. Will they succeed? Can they ever return to their former glory or will they end up playing in shopping malls and town fairs? I don’t want to give away too much of the story but I highly recommend you to watch the film at one of the tour stops, because not only will you get to see a very funny film but Fraktus will also be playing a short set of their greatest hits, such as “Kleidersammlung”, “A.D.A.M. (All die armen Menschen)” and of course, my personal favourite, “Affe sucht Liebe”. This is a part of music history you can’t afford to miss out on.

Fraktus on tour (film and concert):

06.11 Berlin – Festsaal Kreuzberg

07.11. Leipzig – Conne Island

08.11. München – Rote Sonne

09.11. Köln – Gebäude 9

10.11. Frankfurt – Zoom



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