Best of 2012 playlist

This year our good old “Best of” post gets a makeover: We’ve created a Spotify playlist for you to listen through our tracks of the year. Listen below and read why these songs made our year!

The Vaccines – No Hope

Picked by Belle Brummell: While The Vaccines’s second album ‘Come of Age’ was sadly a step down from 2011’s intoxicating debut, at least opener “No Hope” clings to the virtues of their first LP: an uncomplicated rock’n’roll stomper designed to shake your limbs to.

The Maccabees – Pelican

Picked by Belle Brummell: The cherry on top of an amazing album, “Pelican”‘s nasty beat makes it a dancefloor anthem while at the same time fitting seamlessly with the gracious flow that makes “Given to the Wild” so astonishing. Once you get the feeling, you bet it wants you back for more (and yes I know I’m quoting the wrong band).

Django Django – Default

Picked by Belle Brummell: Their eponymous debut gained Scots Django Django a top place among this year’s indie darlings. Straight-forward and unique, their polyphonic anthems such as “Default” and “WOR” are tracks to listen to over and over to be carried away by their gentle flow.

Two Door Cinema Club – Pyramid

Picked by Redheadess

Bloc Party – Real Talk

Picked by Petepelican: Out of all the good songs on “Four”, this one stands out with a catchy, up-beat vibe, Kele’s angelic voice and a beautiful guitar melody.

Howler – Told You Once

Picked by Belle Brummell: Not quite the new Strokes everyone was hoping for, Howler still managed a pleasant debut with their “America Give Up”. “Told you once”, one of the catchier tracks alongside Wavves-esque “Back of your Neck”, convinces with heartbreaking juvenile spirit and resignation alike.

Spector – Chevy Thunder

Picked by Belle Brummell: Sometimes a band should just release one song and then disappear forever. Spector are a prime example of this species: After blessing us with “Chevy Thunder”, a wonderfully on-the-spot indie-rock tune reminiscent of the golden mid-00s era, their mediocre debut album “Enjoy it while it lasts” – ironically – couldn’t raise heads anymore.

Toy – Motoring

Picked by ginsoakedboy: Psychedelic rock from London that shows us what Sonic Youth would sound like if they went a bit more pop.

Palma Violets – Best of friends

Picked by Petepelican: A song with rough guitars, echoes, a snotty voice and a teenage attitude, like lots of other bands popping up in the UK, but who cares if the refrain kicks in like this one! We’re excited for their debut coming out February 25th.

Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Picked by Petepelican

The Shins – Simple Song

Picked by Belle Brummell: The Shins’s long-awaited fourth LP “Port of Morrow” may not quite live up to previous achievements, but after all the Oregon outfit remain unable to write a bad song. “Simple Song” is basically the essence of their unique talent, bringing together cheerfulness and melancholy like no other band can.

Best Coast – The Only Place

Picked by Petepelican: A cheerful melody, a light-hearted voice and lyrics about beaches, waves and bays. What more can you want from a summer song?

The Griswolds – Heart of a Lion

Picked by Belle Brummell

White Rabbits – Temporary

Picked by Belle Brummell: Nobody knows why bands from Brooklyn sound cooler than everyone else, but they do. White Rabbits hand in album no. 3, “Milk Famous”, once more with both experimental and shamelessly catchy tunes like “Heavy Metal” and “Temporary” on board.

Passion Pit – Carried Away

Picked by Belle Brummell: Passion Pit’s “Gossamer”, the follow-up to 2010 debut “Manners”, luckily continues in the same slightly nerve-racking and extremely catchy vein. Infectuous happiness reigns on party track “Carried Away”, which will leave you with a stupid grin on your face.

Citizens! – True Romance

Picked by Belle Brummell: Adorable one-hit wonder Citizens! gave us this summery synth-pop tune and a redundant debut album.

Miike Snow – Paddling Out

Picked by Belle Brummell: A worthy follow-up to 2009’s hit single “Animal”, “Paddling Out” shows that Swedes Miike Snow’s talent for irresistible electropop tunes hasn’t worn thin on album no. 2, “Happy to you”.

Fixers – Iron Deer Dream

Picked by Belle Brummell: Their highly anticipated debut “We’ll be the moon” shows Oxford’s psychedelic pop outfit Fixers as gifted songwriters whose endless streams of hooks won’t leave your ear canal soon. “Iron Deer Dream” is a prime example of this – pretty much the sonic equivalent to caleidoscopic rows of colourful triangles.

Shields – Mezzanine

Picked by Petepelican

The Big Pink – Stay Gold

Picked by Petepelican

M83 – Midnight City

Picked by Belle Brummell: Possibly one of the catchiest hooks of 2012 comes from Frenchman Anthony Gonzalez’s M83. Its hands-in-the-air vibe combined with a darkly feel makes “Midnight City” the outstanding track from “Hurry up we’re dreaming”.

Reptile Youth – Speeddance

Picked by Belle Brummell: Danish newcomers Reptile Youth deliver one of the party anthems of the year: Simple enough to still sing along to after several drinks and yet with enough indie cred to not completely hate oneself for actually liking it.

Capital Cities – Safe and Sound

Picked by Redheadess

Icona Pop – I Love It

Picked by Belle Brummell: This first hit by Swedish hipster poster girls Icona Pop manages to be brutally simple and even more brutally cool at the same time – an achievement cementing it as of this year’s major party tracks.

Crystal Castles – Plague

Picked by Petepelican: An epic, dark and gloomy opening trip to their outstanding third record accompanied by the glaring voice of Alice Glass and some creepy lyrics (look them up, as one can’t understand much of it). Maybe one of the best songs they’ve ever written!

Muse – Madness

Picked by Petepelican: This is what I expect from Muse! Glorious refrains, a fantastic voice and a breathtaking solo – and all that in yet another way than on the previous albums.

The Killers – Runaways

Picked by Petepelican

Awolnation – Sail

Picked by Belle Brummell: His genre-massacring debut album “Megalithic Symphony” may be a nerve-testing journey at times, but its outstanding achievement remains smash hit “Sail”, which cooks up soul, rock and electro into one of the most delicious mixtures of the year.

Blood Red Shoes – Je me perds

Picked by Petepelican: Never thought they would write a song which beats “I wish I was someone better” off their debut album, but this one-and-a-half-minute monster hits you right in the face!

DZ Deathrays – Cops Capacity

Picked by Belle Brummell: Not just the name is reminiscent of short-lived garage-rock heroes Death From Above 1979: Australian youngsters DZ Deathrays prove once more that it takes only two people to turn a whole club into a sweating mass. Better find us some trouble!

Deap Vally – Gonna make my own Money

Picked by Petepelican: Like The White Stripes with a female singer, who owns a voice I haven’t heard since Joan Jett. 2013 could be a big year for them – after supporting Muse without realeasing an album, they’re definitely gonna make their own money!

Jack White – I’m Shakin’

Picked by Belle Brummell: It hardly came as a surprise that Jack White’s first solo album “Blunderbuss” was a highly accomplished work, and dirty blues-rocker “I’m Shakin'” shows the former White Stripes frontman at his best. Moving is an absolute must, shaking welcome.

Alabama Shakes – Hold On

Picked by Petepelican

Eugene McGuinness – Shotgun

Picked by Belle Brummell: Reinventing himself on album no. 3, the former live guitarist for Miles Kane goes back to the roots and grooves with elegance and style through “The Invitation to the Voyage”. You can try to resist, but “Shotgun” will get into your legs and you on the floor.

Jake Bugg – Lightning Bolt

Picked by Petepelican and Belle Brummell: One of the discoveries of the year, 18-year-old Brit Jake Bugg’s debut is almost too refined to believe, combining lively folkrock with a snotty singing voice and melodies that stick.

The Kabeedies – The Boy with the Bad Mouth

Picked by Belle Brummell: Less hyperactive, more coherent and just as charming as album no. 1, The Kabeedies show actual growth on their second longplayer “Soap”. Quirky folk-tune “The Boy with the bad Mouth” made my personal favourite among the mass of good songs to be found on here.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Heart Attack

Picked by Petepelican: This is what pop should sound like in the 21st century. A unique voice, psychedelic organ and a melody to rest in your ear for months. Promise!

Friends – I’m His Girl

Picked by Petepelican and Belle Brummell: Filthy bass lines and arrogant vocals make Brooklyn’s Friends the new cool. “I’m his Girl” was the summer anthem for fashion bloggers and instagram addicts, but its heavy groove shoud also infect those without a Tumblr.

Bat For Lashes – All Your Gold

Picked by Petepelican

Dirty Projectors – Gun Has No Trigger

Picked by Petepelican

Alt-J – Something Good

Picked by Petepelican

Grimes – Genesis

Picked by Petepelican

The XX – Chained

Picked by Petepelican

Daughter – Youth

Picked by Belle Brummell: Both edgy and alluring, Daughter’s single “Youth” radiates a fragile mystery that’s impossible to resist. The upcoming debut album should secure the London outfit a top place among adult indie darlings.

Balthazar – Sinking Ship

Picked by Petepelican: A calm song with an awesome sleepy voice and elegant xylophone accents. The perfect soundtrack for waking up in the morning or realaxing on a Sunday afternoon.

Lucy Rose – Middle of the Bed

Picked by Petepelican

Me and my Drummer – You’re a Runner

Picked by Belle Brummell: “You’re a runner” builds with gentle groove, then pulls you by the hand and you’re left with no other option than pressing replay again and again. More of the Berlin duo’s crystal clear indie-pop can be found on debut “The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey.”

Fun. – Carry On

Picked by Belle Brummell: Success rarely seems to come to those who most deserve it, but 2012’s breakthrough act Fun. are a welcome exception. Their second offering “Some Nights” once more marks the musicalesque indie-poppers as the band to turn to whenever feeling down, to be cheered up by the uplifting spirit of “Carry On” & co.


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