Live: Foxygen in Hamburg (DE), 07.02.2013

It’s been one week since I saw the wonderful Foxygen at Molotow and my memories of that evening are still clear, because it was one of those concerts where so much happened and the live experience was so good that you can’t forget it that fast. When I think of it, I can’t believe it didn’t pop up in my concert calendar. So it was a lucky incident that I won tickets, which brought me to a very weed-rich psychedelic show.

It was singer Sam France who provided most of the funny and enjoyable moments. You could describe him with the mooniness of a Julian Casablancas and the weirdness of an Adam Green. Instead of talking about the same old matter of the Reeperbahn and its many sex shops, he asked the crowd about favourite holidays and relationships. Maybe he took some little helpers before the show, at least he took some weed, offered to him from a fan, handed it to his band and everyone was smiling.

© M.Weiher

The music vacillated between nimbly and smooth one moment and rought and danceable the next, but always with a psychedelic touch and a heavy echo on the voice, which gets you in the mood of floating over the ground instead of dancing and jumping around. But as in fact nobody could levitate, everyone was dancing at least a bit. I don’t know the name of the girl, because she is only a touring member, but she gave the whole thing a great 60s vibe with her headband and the endless tambourine shakings.

© M.Weiher

After a delighted fist-fight between singer Sam and guitarist Jonathan and a children’s punk-rock song they ended the show with “Oh No 2”. Everyone left the stage except Sam, who was in a “musical” flash or so. After some minutes of wandering around the stage, he found the “ON” botton of the amp, buckled on the guitar and played another song, later being joined by Jonathan on drums. I still don’t know if it was a real song or an improvisation. The audience reacted highly positively to the question if they should play the whole night, but unfortunately they had no more songs to play besides one from the beginning of the set. Having enjoyed another great Molotow concert, I left with a big smile on my face.

© M.Weiher

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