Live: King Krule + Filthy Boy in Hamburg (DE), 16.10.2013

October the 16th was a date we had marked in our calendars for a long time as it was the

day the highly praised King Krule would play a small gig in Hamburg in support of his recently released debut album ‘Six Feet Beneath The Moon’, an album that stands out in the way it combines clean guitars with Hip-Hop elements, topped off with emotional vocals. If you have been reading music magazines of any genre lately you couldn’t escape him. Literally every magazine from Indie to Hip-Hop based wanted a piece of the 19-year old with the promininent, deep voice who has already released music under the name of Zoo Kid a few years ago. Now Archy Marshall, that’s his real name, is back with a brilliantly produced debut album that takes him and his live band all around the world. For the

European part of the tour he had chosen to bring his friends in Filthy Boy on tour with him. Archy Marshall has shown his trust in them before when he let Filthy Boy’s Paraic and Michael Morrissey direct two music videos for him. In return Archy’s brother Jack designed a T-Shirt for Filthy Boy.

 We were clever enough to buy our tickets early because despite the venue being changed to a slightly bigger one (from Turmzimmer at Übel und Gefährlich to Hafenklang), the gig had sold out in no time. So it came as kind of a surprise that when we arrived at the venue there was almost no one waiting.

A fact that barely changed until the venue opened its door. So we spent the time listening to the support band Filthy Boy sound checking. While the venue slowly filled, with an easy atmosphere that was rather uncommon for a sold out gig of a hyped newcomer, we found ourselves nice spots directly in front of the stage to catch Filthy Boy, whose debut album I had bought a month ago and couldn’t believe my luck when they were announced as support for King Krule’s European tour.

Top lads who will wait on the doorstep when you're busy hosting an orgy (© S.Prahl)
Top lads who will wait on the doorstep when you are busy hosting an orgy (© S. Prahl)

The fourpiece from South London opened their set with an oldie that I didn’t know but it was followed by nearly all my favourite songs. Personal highlights were ‘Biggest Fan Ever’, ‘Waiting on the doorstep’ and ‘Mental Conditions’. What makes Filthy Boy such a great band is the perfect mix of singer Paraic Morrissey’s deep baritone voice, which gets under your skin immediately, their sleazy but witty lyrics and the clean guitar melodies of lead guitarist Harry Weskin. They act a little bit distant on stage but maybe that’s what it takes to pull off lyrics about role play, being a witness of your partner’s sex orgies or having mental conditions.

The majority of the crowd probably hadn’t heard of them before but Filthy Boy definitely have a bright future ahead and already some big fans: Archy Marshall himself and his band mates were spotted singing along in the crowd.

The Londoners finished their set with the slowly building up and then crashing down ‘Oh Dear’, which is also the final track of the album, and left the stage to make place for their mates in King Krule.

The mastermind King Krule aka. Zoo Kid aka. Archy Marshall (© D.Prahl)
The mastermind King Krule aka. Zoo Kid aka. Archy Marshall (© D. Prahl)

When the 19-year old redhead and his band of equally young-looking fellas finally took the small stage, the venue was packed. I felt bad for the unfortunate people who arrived too late because they couldn’t see a thing from the bar due to the rather unpractical construction of the place.

King Krule then proceeded to play a flawless and eccentric set that consisted of almost every song from ‘Six Feet Under The Moon’ and climaxed with a performance of hit single ‘Easy Easy’ that got everyone dancing along. After that they came back to play an encore which I hadn’t expected. Maybe it was an extra treat as the show was the last one of the tour.

On stage Archy Marshall is not as much of an introvert as his songs would lead you to expect. He puts the guitar down for some songs, smiles at his band mates and introduces them to the crowd. Although the names were hard to understand, the fact that the guitarist wore a Filthy Boy t-shirt wasn’t to overlook.

Filthy Boy's 'Biggest Fan Ever' (© S.Prahl)
Filthy Boy’s ‘Biggest Fan Ever’ (© S. Prahl)

I was positively surprised at how good King Krule’s songs came across live, not forfeiting what makes them so outstanding on record. The aim to transfer their unique sound into a good live performance was probably the reason why they didn’t play my personal favourite ‘Neptune Estate’ as it would be quite difficult to transfer this song into a live version. The band made up for it by playing ‘Rock Bottom’, my other favourite and the song that Paraic and Michael Morrissey of Filthy Boy directed the video for.

So while King Krule can definitely live off their current hype and probably will be back for a bigger tour in Germany soon, I hope that Filthy Boy make use of it too and get the attention they clearly deserve.


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