Live + Q&A: The Preatures in Hamburg (DE), 24.04.2014

Dancefloor preachings from Australia's latest must-hear (© D. Prahl)
Dancefloor preachings from Australia’s latest must-hear (© D. Prahl)

If you’ve been reading this blog attentively, you will already have heard of The Preatures, the latest hype coming from Australia. Well, I guess “hype” is not exaggerated if you consider they’ve sold out Hamburg’s Prinzenbar with just an EP up their sleeve. Looks like their grooving 70s sound, strong basslines and male/female lead vocal duo have made a lot of friends, not just among people who like the similar-sounding Haim.

This time around, however, we didn’t just do another plain gig review. The Preatures’ drummer, Luke Davison, was so kind to answer a couple of questions for us, compiled by myself and the wonderful Mme Blanchard. This is our first Q&A, but it surely won’t be the last!

ipd What are the preachings of the Preatures – if you were an influential political or spiritual leader, what message would you send your followers?
LD That it’s probably not the best idea to follow Preature preachings and to think for themselves. That or Star Wars.

ipd Which album or song do you listen to on repeat at the moment?
LD Undun – The Roots

ipd What effect would you like your music to have on your listeners?
LD Whatever they like – I feel if you impose an intended effect it’s not going to reach or relate to a broad audience. We just do what the song needs.

ipd Can you imagine your sound in ten years? Electronic robots, Magical Mystery Tour or a complete novelty?
LD Whatever the sound, hopefully hologram concerts are in effect.

ipd If you could decide freely, which musician, whether alive or dead, would you like to work with on a song and why?
LD Questlove – ’cause he’s badass and thorough. Or Nile Rodgers because he makes hits. Or Nigel Godrich cause every album he’s done I love. Oh boy this could go on but I need to soundcheck.

The many faces of powerwoman Isabella Manfredi (© D. Prahl)
The many faces of powerwoman Isabella Manfredi (© D. Prahl)
Gideon Bensen added some vocal and hairdo variety. (© D. Prahl)
Gideon Bensen added some vocal and hairdo variety. (© D. Prahl)

After successful soundcheck, The Preatures take the stage at the Prinzenbar, which I can’t get tired of repeating, is possibly Hamburg’s most beautiful live venue. (So beautiful you almost don’t wince at the price of €3.40 for a bottle of Becks – yet proceed to drink Staropramen for ‘only’ €3.) Frontwoman Isabella Manfredi looks like a 90’s teen idol with her fringe, pronounced eyebrows and tight sleeveless top, her four boys tend to sport the long-haired classic rock look with the exception of co-vocalist Gideon Bensen with his trendy undercut.

Some intra-band loving goin' on. (© D. Prahl)
Some intra-band loving goin’ on. (© D. Prahl)

Without doubt, Manfredi is the eyecatcher, bouncing up and down, flirting with her supposed boyfriend on guitar, and virtually bursting with positive energy. The audience shuffles around a bit shyly, as we Germans tend to do, but in comparison nearly flip out when finally their hit single ‘Is this how you feel?’ is played to end the set. After what feels like half an hour tops – not even two beers’ length – the gig is already over as the band have run out of songs. Maybe had there been a supporting act, it wouldn’t have felt as short. When it becomes clear there is not going to be an encore, the confused audience clear the room at only 10 pm – elsewhere usually the time the headliner takes the stage. However, I have no doubt Hamburg will welcome them back with open arms once the album is out – next time hopefully at the then newly opened Molotow, the original location set for the show.


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