Live: Pete Doherty in Hamburg (DE), 25.04.2014

No one really saw this one coming, even though they should have:

As some of you may have noticed, Mr Pete Doherty is currently residing in Hamburg, probably somewhere in the district of St. Pauli, and likes to play spontaneous little gigs every now and then. After being hours late for his own show at Grüner Jäger earlier this year, the man has settled for playing at Golem, a club near Hamburg’s famous Fischmarkt right at the harbour. This Friday, with a 100m long queue outside the club, it’s Pete’s third gig at Golem, and apparently, the prices tend to decrease with every time he shows up (first show was 10, then 9, and lastly 8 €).

After the big news on Friday – The Libertines finally playing another show together at Hyde Park in July – it’s exciting to know I’ll be one of the first people to see him after this confirmation. I’m glad to find people I know somewhere in the front of the queue and the doors open only 30 minutes late, with Pete taking the stage another half hour later. He opens with ‘Delivery’ off Babyshambles’ 2007 album Shotter’s Nation and asks for a lot of things: a new Muscow Mule drink, a guitar pick from someone in the crowd, boys and girls to sing along seperately, and in the end a bunch of towels for his spilled drink. Other than that, Pete seems to be at ease, tries speaking German as often as possible (sometimes even changing lines of his songs to German and attempting to play ’99 Luftballons’ once) and he manages to create a one-and-only atmosphere in the hot, sticky club (it’s almost a summer night outside).

About nine songs in (all ranging from old Libertines hits over Babyshambles songs to a cover of ‘Hit The Road Jack’), our poet accidentally hits his third Moscow Mule with his guitar and spills it all over the amp, but even his attempt at drying the mess won’t bring the amp back to life. “That was 90 pence for a song!,” says Pete while, in an attempt to leave the stage, saying good night to the crowd. It’s over for tonight.

Or is it?

After a lot of begs from the crowd, Pete agrees to play a last song, now supported by a harmonica, before he says ‘Gute Nacht’ and leaves the stage. And yes, we got more for our money than we’d usually have, so all is well, Friday night is young and it’s still warm enough to spend a little time at the nightly harbour.

Thank you, Pete, for a great start into the weekend.

And in the end, the microphone was all we had left. (All pictures @ S. Prahl)

 pete-3  pete-6



One thought on “Live: Pete Doherty in Hamburg (DE), 25.04.2014”

  1. Love your photographs above. With that typical atmosphere and toning they look like well and accurately composed pieces of art of the Dutch Golden Age painting, done by Vermeer or Rembrandt. Hope to discover more of that fine art…

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