Upcoming Album Release: The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Revelation



With the release of Revelation on the 19th of May (30th in Germany) The Brian Jonestown Massacre will present their 13th studio album. Anton Newcombe, the band’s mastermind produced it by himself at the A Recording Studios in his neighborhood. The founding father is notorious for outliving more than 40 band members in the 20-odd years of BJM’s career. His writing style is described by the man himself as a process which allows to free his manic energy and gets him into character the way an actor would.

“Now it’s just about me and my ideas. And to be able to do that, for me, is a revelation.” Newcombe points out. During last years he changed his lifestyle to a more sober one and now lives with his wife Katy and fifteen-month-old son Wolfgang in Berlin. On Revelation he processes certain parts of this new chapter in his life. With his current bandmembers Ricky Maymi, Joakim Åhlund, Constantine Karlis and Ryan Van Kriedt he has created a more garage-psych-oriented sound mixed with different influences. This neo–psychedelic, shoegaze sounds fill the listener with a warm secure feeling.

“I make music because, to a large extent, the music that I want to hear doesn’t exist unless I create it,” he shrugs. “That’s changed over the years… but I still think it’s true.”

The first song on the new album Vad hände med dem? – in English What happened to them? – is the result of Anton Newcombe’s work with Joakim  Åhlund and Ryan Carlson. The Swedish lyrics fit in line with the previous albums, which also include Scandinavian languages. Oriental influences make the album a playground of discoveries. In each track you find different original instrument arrangements. Especially the instrumental song Second Sighting reminds me of tunes connected with the middle age. All in all Revelation is an album of different moods, unbound time and genres.

After being headliner at The Austin Psych Fest at the beginning of May The Brian Jonestown Massacre are now touring through Europe and stop in Germany in June.



Tour ’14

06.06. Nürnberg – Rock am Ring (DE)

07.06. Nürnberg – Rock im Park (DE)

08.06. Berlin – Postbahnhof (DE)

12.06. Dresden – Beatpol (DE)

20.06. Hamburg – Knust (DE)

22.06. Matigny – Caves Du Manoire (CH)

23.06. Zürich – Komplex Klub (CH)






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