Upcoming Single Release: The Garden – Glimpse / Aunt J’s Smile / Struggle In Front Of Sector 27

It hasn’t been long since we last heard from The Garden, the ever-busy twin duo from Orange, CA. Both Fletcher and Wyatt Shears continue to feed their fans with new songs from their respective side projects (Wyatt’s Enjoy and Fletcher’s Puzzle), they have played multiple festival sets this year, before festival season has even started properly, and now they’re surprising us with a special gem: There’s three new 7″ vinyl singles coming our way, set to be released worldwide on June 3rd – and each on a different label!

front-big-love-copy There’s Glimpse, released on Japan’s Big Love Records, that features the Intro Glimpse, A-Side Crystal Clear and B-Side Open Abyss.

Glimpse, being only about a minute long, opens with voices talking and an eerie sound that could come straight from a horror movie. Think wind howling, and people digging up secrets. You can almost feel the starry night above you as you stand in an open field with the breeze brushing over your skin. You’ve found the Vadaverse, it’s right there. Don’t be scared. Just keep digging.

big-love-copy1Next up is Crystal Clear, produced by Ariel Pink and Justin Raisen, pulling you in with Wyatt’s familiar dark basslines and Fletcher’s steady drums. ‘We’ll knock the other one’s out / We’re crystal clear’ – you’re still standing in the field, but now you might just be a little more scared. The feeling leaves with the song, leaves you alone with the stars still above you. Start walking towards the…

Open Abyss – the B-Side – is most likely not what you expect when skimming the lyrics: ‘I’ve had enough of this / So I dive head first legs up / In the open abyss’. What you get is catchy hip-hop elements, the occasional ‘uh, yeah’s – and don’t pretend you’re not nodding your head with the beat, I know you are. It’s a somehow lighter ending to the first puzzle piece that will shape the Vadaverse. You’ve left the field, found the street, walking with the beat in your ears.

front-new-york-copy Aunt J’s Smile, released on Cult Records (NY), is delivered with the eponymous Intro, A-Side Crystal Clear and B-Side Devour.

Aunt J’s Smile is only 40 seconds long and approaches you with furious swears and wobbly synth sounds. You will not get to know Aunt J, but it leaves you wanting to.

cult-music-back2-copyDevour is something you could accidentally view as an intermission if it came on shuffle on your iPod. ‘I oughta knock you out !’, Wyatt yells, then, calmed down within a nanosecond, he continues, ‘for being silly’. It’s a bit like having a drunk guy sit opposite you the morning after a party, clinging to his first hangover-drink, still talking about himself like he’s done for 10 hours straight, occasionally snapping. You’re keeping eye contact with him for the rest of the song until he passes out again.


front-cali-copy Released on Hostage Records (CA), Struggle In Front Of Sector 27 features the eponymous Intro, Crystal Clear on Side A and We Be Grindin’ on Side B.

Struggle…, upon first hearing, starts like a dangerous and aggressive version of Cups from the movie Pitch Perfect but eventually turns into a long sound that almost takes you back to the starry dark field we encountered on Glimpse.sector-27-back

Lastly, there’s We Be Grindin’, which you could possibly play while walking into an extraterrestrial disco, witnessing all sorts of species ‘Grindin’ up in the club’, as said in the song. Maybe this is where the Vadaverse is going to lead you: a place for you to lose your head, getting lost in, and perhaps not ever returning. But as long as we’re fed with music like this, I can’t complain.


When June 3rd arrives, don’t hesitate to take a listen. The Garden are evolving like they always have, and they will most likely bring the Vadaverse closer than you think they would, since tour dates are up and coming:

June: Japan/California Tour
August: European Tour
October: US National Tour with Burger Records
October/November: European Tour

Take a first glimpse at Crystal Clear below:


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