Upcoming single release: LSA – Can’t Be Trusted

LSAREDThere haven’t been many bands that have given me hope for the future of guitar music recently. So in this time of drought it’s my especially great pleasure to introduce you to LSA. This London band have both great melodies to sing along to at the top of your lungs and guitar riffs that make you wanna shake your hair among a sweaty crowd. Their new single ‘Can’t be trusted’, out September 1, is clearly their strongest song to date, with an amazing suspense curve and a brilliant video on top. Its predecessor, double A-side ‘More or less equal/No good man” is also a highly recommended listening, all songs capturing a certain essence of being in your twenties and not really settled in life yet – and all without dabbling in nostalgia and instead facing forward with a sort of defiant determination.

Having only been around since 2013, LSA haven’t announced an album yet, but after their upcoming UK tour we hope they will also hit Europe for some live dates soon. I was lucky enough to catch one of their earliest gigs during a trip to England, not knowing a single song at the time, but having listened to the material they’ve put out since countless times, I’m more than just a little impatient to finally see them live again. That said I recommend you watch their stylish video for ‘Can’t be trusted’ and have a little dance party in your room!

Update: You can now also check out the b-side to ‘Can’t be trusted’, ‘Here comes the water’, on Soundcloud – it’s well worth listening as well!


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