Upcoming album release: Who’s Panda – Better Tell The Truth


They’re Swiss, their band name has a cute animal in it – what’s not to love? But before you get misled by their band name or trendy hairdos – Who’s Panda actually aren’t just another vapid hipster band. Their upcoming second album ‘Better Tell The Truth’ is a solid rock record that will convince fans of Band of Horses and Kings of Leon alike. In fact, you could probably take both your dad and your girlfriend to their gig and they’d love it. Opening track “Undressed” even reminds one of Tame Impala with its dragged-out melancholy. ‘Learning From Mistakes’ is a picturebook festival anthem that captures the moment you walk from one stage to the other with a chilly breeze tousling your hair, you know, that moment when the rain has just stopped and the sun is breaking through and happy people in rain ponchos dance through the mud all around you. And they have plenty of those anthems, with choruses to belt out at the top of your lungs and lots of “aaaahs”. My personal favourite, “Other Side”, is perhaps the most ‘rock ‘n roll’ track of them all, a completely timeless song that makes good use of handclaps (you can always win me over with handclaps).
WhosPanda_Cover_LowResDuring the slower songs, the Kings of Leons references are at times almost painfully obvious, most notably on the brand new single ‘God Bless Them Pretty Women’. Fans of KoL should definitely check this one out. Another recommendation is title track ‘Better Tell The Truth’, which you can listen to below. It’s no surprise that this one has been released as a single as well, having all it takes for a real indie hit.
The album ends with 5-minute-track “Dreams” that throws some long instrumental parts in the mix, showing off the band’s versatility once more. All in all, ‘Better Tell The Truth’ shows Who’s Panda’s remarkable talent in songwriting as well as in creating a dense atmosphere within their songs. This pleasantly coherent record is certain to please music fans of all ages.

‘Better Tell The Truth’ is out on October 24th.


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