Live tip: The Asteroid #4 + Pike Mumborn & The Jams @ Indra, Hamburg, 02/10/14

Some time ago a new music promotion organization settled in Hamburg. Known as ‘The Hamburg Tea Party’ it takes inspiration from the Boston Tea Party club, where The Velvet Underground often played in the late sixties and early seventies. After bringing bands like The Underground Youth, Girls Names or Holy Wave to Hamburg it’s now The Asteroid #4’s turn, who already played at Austin Psych Fest, Liverpool Psych Fest, Reverence Valada and Levitation France this year, to show up in the city of the harbour, Golden Pudel Club and a guy called Heinz Strunk.

The fivepiece from Northern California, The Asteroid #4, were founded in the late 90’s. Since then the guys haven’t been lazy. Eight LPs, rarity releases, multiple singles but also side projects were among their publishings. Their musical style can be described as a mixture of genres like Psychedelic, Krautrock, Shoegaze, Folk and also 70s Cosmic Country Rock. Named after Vesta, the brightest asteroid in the solar system, it is a reference to Spacemen 3, the legendary UK band which The Asteroid #4 repeatedly names as an influence.

After their debut record ‘Introducing’, released in 1998, gained such an amazing feedback by being called an ‘uncommonly original and innovative space-rock album’ a tour with the shoegaze/psychedelic brains, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, followed. Later they also were featered on ‘Overthrow’, the single brought out by the percussionist of TBJM. Speaking of legendary cooperations it’s impossible not to mention that the frontman of Asteroid #4, Ryan Van Kriedt, is also a member of Dead Skeletons, a leading visual and philosophical group.


Publishing record after record A4 were trying many new things and musical styles. Influnced by The Byrds they even laid their hands on country rock. The result of their progress both in songwriting but also as a band that isn’t scared of risks can be heard on their third longplayer ‘Honeyspot’. 2006 release ‘An Amazing Dream’ was also a continuation of their progress and a definition of their own style, critics say. A long journey later A4 dropped a new self-titled LP this year, which was released on Bad Vibrations records. Hear one of the goodies of this one right here:

+ Visualize the progress by listening to Asteroid #4’s discography:

The pioneers, The Asteroid #4, are supported by a local and new established band, Pike Mumborn & The Jams, who were formed, among others, by former members of The Hair (Hamburg based band). These guys, who are influenced by such all-timers as The Sonics or Led Zeppelin but also the nowadays excellent Night Beats, are the latest discovery of the Hamburg psychedelic-garage scene . Though they’ve only been existing for about a month, by now they have already played a bunch of gigs, among them supporting the local garage geniuses, Sick Hyenas.

+ Convince yourself, these guys must have been born in another decade:

Well this gonna be truly a psychedelic experience.

If you cannot make it to the Hamburg show on October 2nd, you can also catch The Asteroid #4 at Bang Bang Club in Berlin on October 3rd feat. Spindrift, Tau and a Fat White Family DJ set.


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