Video Interview: Captain Casanova

Sometimes you discover the greatest new bands on the internet or through music magazines. But other times you just have to be at the right place, at the right time. Meaning: at the right gig.

That happened to me a year ago when I saw Danish alternative/grunge rockers Captain Casanova live for the first time. Since then I’ve been to six of their gigs which is due the fact that on the one hand these three guys have a super busy touring schedule and on the other hand you just have to see them again and again after you’ve seen them live once. Their shows are full of energy and fun. It is impossible to not have a good time. I recommend to stay around after the gig and have a beer and a sweaty hug with Rasmus, Kenni and their new drummer Kristian.

After their latest gig in Hannover I wanted to do a quick interview with them which quickly turned into almost an hour of joking around, speaking German, Danish and English, and talking about music.

Check out the not-so-short teaser for the full interview here: 


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