Live tip: DYN @ 8MM Bar, Berlin, 07/11/14


When there is nothing more going on an evening, for more than a decade the 8MM space is the place. In its absorbent, alcohol-soaked and smoky atmosphere, with the nightly spinning DJ’s and the super sweet in-house drink Melloch, which they all love, you can hang out from time to time with your favorite musicians after their shows in Berlin. Being so connected to the rock’n’roll scene, which is quite tiny in Berlin, it was long overdue that the 8MM Bar created their own record label that defined their own sound: experimental, DIY, something reminiscent of the No-Wave Scene from New York and Velvet Underground. Their first release’s with The Blue Angel Lounge satisfied the local and international media with all these attributes.

DYN, formally known as Delta Love, is the newborn love affair for the label. As Delta Love the band had for the last four years of their existence smashed the PA’s of little clubs and bars all around Berlin as well as playing support slots for groups such as Quilt and Mission Of Burma.
Then it came, the ‘Death of Love’. It is obvious that the boys have a love for music, and of course, they are not spared from singing about love, but their music definitely doesn’t sound like love. The band’s uniform is so dark, that you just can’t accept it, and it seems neither could they. So, for the release of their new album in October they justifiably erased the L-word out of their misnomer, added a little explosiveness to it, and created a new name which perfectly describes what their music sounds like in three simple letters DYN, just like DYNamite.

And if there is any better chance to detonate, than it’s while playing live. So on the 07th of November DYN will fire off some LoFi-Garage rock’n’roll and make available their limited edition white Vinyl. Where? Of course, in their hotbed 8MM Bar. But be aware, it will be a lot smokier then usual.

DYN – Vinyl Release Show, 7th November 2014 @ 8MM Bar, 8pm


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