New sounds from Scandinavia: Vanbot & Say Lou Lou

2015 has barely begun and already Sweden is showing that its supply of stunning female pop artists is far from running low. With new releases from acclaimed solo artist Vanbot and newcomer duo Say Lou Lou this month alone, all eyes are up north when it comes to finest electro pop.

Vanbot is the technical-sounding moniker of Ester Ideskog, who released her self-titled debut album in 2011. With her brand new single Trooper (out 06.02.) she shows off her talent of writing pop tunes that with a near-robotic precision will draw you to dancefloor and also keep you humming the tune long after it has faded. The stylish performance video for the track just came out yesterday:

SAY LOU LOU have caused quite a stir with hit singles such as the flowing, catchy Julian. Now the Swedish-Australian twin duo are about to release their first album, Lucid Dreaming (out 10.04.), to deliver us more of their electro-pop goodness. Before that, however, the sisters water our mouths with the sweet tune Nothing But A Heartbeat (out 16.02.), which can now be streamed on Soundcloud.


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