Upcoming album release: Rathborne – Soft

Luke Rathborne seems to be a man who enjoys the contradictory. “I get soft” he croaks on the title track of his new album, while a wall of distorted, grungy guitars rise around his snarly vocals. Soft (out 16 February), despite its title, is an unpolished piece of garage rock, refined with a bunch of pop melodies that can be hummed along to at the first listening. Tracks like What More and Wanna Be You (listen below) get stuck in your head immediately while the delicate Little Moment comes pretty close to radio-pop perfection. There is plenty of songwriting goodness to be found on the album, and with its up-beat, energetic attitude, Soft is a feel-good record with an edge.

Since moving from his native Maine to New York City to fully start his career, Luke Rathborne has won some famous fans, including Devandra Banhart and The Strokes’ Albert Hammond jr., who co-produced the new album. After his debut album After Dark, which he recorded at age 16, and an EP, Soft has got the potential to make Luke Rathborne the next garage rock prodigy.

Luke Rathborne plays in Germany supporting Guster on the following dates:

09.03. Hamburg, Prinzenbar
10.03. Berlin,  Privatclub
12.03. Cologne, Blue Shell
13.03. Frankfurt, Nachtleben
14.03. Munich, Orangehouse

Check back for our review of his Berlin gig to see whether Luke can make the audience “soft” as well…


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