On tour: A Place To Bury Strangers

The New York based trio are famous for their unique variation of shoegaze, space rock, psych, wave, noise and post-punk music that creates a heavy atmospheric thunderstorm of sounds during their live performances. Well, being a part of A Place To Bury Strangers is also quite a risky job. Ackermann (guitar/vocals), Lunadon (bass guitar) and Gonzalez (drums) prefer to play in dark and foggy venues. So that’s why being smashed against the face by one’s own bass or guitar is not an unusual experience during concerts, claims Lunadon, the bassist of APTBS. Well, he should know it best since he had this incident once. ‘You can palpably feel the danger in the music,’ he claims, adding, ‘Like it’s going to fall apart at any moment and the players doing it are so in the moment they don’t give a shit about anything else. They’re just going for it (…).’

The band was originally formed by David Goffan and Tim Gregorio in 2002. Some time later the nowadays primary songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, Oliver Ackermann, joined the project after leaving his previous group, Skywave. APTBS went through many changes in the beginning of their existing. The band members were about to ‘come and go’. After releasing three different EPs in 2006 the trio recorded their first LP one year later. The vocals on this one are very suppressed and haunting in the manner of The KVB and Screen Vinyl Image. The whole impression that this production causes while being played is of a noise-thunderstorm though some moments of quiet are present too with songs such as ‘The Falling Sun’. Supporting gigs of bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre or The Jesus and Mary Chain were the next success of the newly established band.

                        (One of the goodies from the self-titled first release)

Publishing ‘Exploding Head’ in 2009 the band remained true to their style of noise shower sounds adding some more catchy songs like ‘I Lived My Life to Stand in the Shadow of Your Heart’ to the repertoire. The next long player ‘Worship’ (2012) was mixed in a slightly different way. The vocals were more dominant and clearer than on the previous ones. Some Black Rebel Motorcycle Club influence was definitely visible too. Coming to the latest release of theirs, ‘Transfixiation’ (2015), you can find all of the previous variations of their style on this most recent one. There are songs like ‘I will die’ that totally sound like from the first record but also some like ‘Deeper’ that have this ‘The Brian Jonestown Massacre’ – touch in them.

 (Female vocals meets the noisy version of The Fresh & Onlys)

These guys are currently on tour, so take the chance to see & feel this intense post-rock-shower experience. The last German date is on the 27th of April in Hamburg.


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