Win tickets for DNA BLN #3!

DNA BLN is Berlin’s showcase event for new music acts across all genres, spiced up with art installations, DJs, visuals & more. The third edition is held on June 11 at the Magnet and Comet in Berlin and will allow vistors to explore a range of upcoming artists, all for the price of 5€ at the door – or free, if you are among the lucky people to win 2 x 2 guestlist slots! To enter just send an e-mail to indiependance (at) hotmail (dot) com with your full name until June 8.

Of course we want to take a closer look at the line-up this time and introduce all 7 live acts of the night to you:

Sweet Tempest is a Danish dream pop band from Copenhagen that celebrates the picturesque qualities of everyday life. Their songs are a bitter sweet combination of electronic and acoustic sounds, with layers of dreamy guitars that bring to mind the four seasons in their prime. The music is nostalgic, heartfelt and caring but at times rough, pulsing and pounding all the same.

Black Prez is a Colorado-raised, LA-based rapper, actor, and jokester. With his Colorado/German roots and happy go lucky attitude, Black Prez has a unique sound and always represents where he comes from!

Those Goddamn Hippies stitch together carefully chosen sounds with desperately honest vocals. Mixing acoustic and electronic elements to create a lush melancholic atmosphere for weaving melodies and personal lyrics. At times fragile and at times bold with declarations of hope, British born artist Tom Marsh’s solo project is refreshingly insightful.

Janice Prix songs hook your ears with catchy melodies and intense beats, and then your brain with a series of vast emotional landscapes. Janice Prix is the result of four guys who dared to dream big in a small Swedish industrial town called Trollhättan – the same place where Lars von Trier filmed his end-of-the-world drama Melancholia. Their upcoming studio-recorded 4-track EP is about to make waves in the pop world, and if the video for their first single Heart is any indication, Janice Prix seem poised to be loved and hated, but never ignored. Actually, much like a certain above-mentioned filmmaker.

Five guys, one rehearsal space and a common ambition of redefining the sound of a rock band – that’s the simple formula of Danish outfit Lowrider Betty. With their lyrics and expression, they gather old rock traditions with radio friendly hooks. It’s created in a deliberately new thinking soundscape, which the older generation relates to, as well as the younger generation identifies with.

New Wave, Synthpop or rather Powerpop? Berlin-based artist and singer Jack Strify blurs the lines between genres in his sound and vision to create a home for his songs and make them more authentic and vivid. The artist has always been drawn to the unconventional and strange: Those have already been motives for him as the lead singer in German Glampop group Cinema Bizarre that formed in 2005. His first solo EP Glitter + Dirt was released in 2013, an album is set for release soon.

Esben Valløe of Reptile Youth presents his new project: Antonio Gram is beyond boundaries, an energetic bouquet of techno, trap and oriental influences. The songs feature a broad variety of collaborations from San Diego to South Africa and the music is said to take you on a diverse journey through the mixtapes and compilations you played on repeat in your teenage room.

More information on DNA BLN can be found on the Facebook event page.


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