Album review: Cayucas – Dancing At The Blue Lagoon

cayucas-coverIf you’re a fan of sun-drenched, dreamy indie pop, you may have come across Cayucas already. The twin brother duo, made up of Zack and Ben Yudin, have named themselves after their sleepy Californian hometown, and already had a hit with namesake track Cayucos off their 2013 debut album Bigfoot. Their new longplayer Dancing At The Blue Lagoon (released on June 19 in Germany) continues in the tradition of the first by skilfully delivering the soundtrack to lazy summer days. This does not mean, however, that the album was monotone or forgettable: songs like the first hit single Moony Eyed Walrus or Hella will make you stir up the sand between your toes as your chilled out beach day turns into a dance party.

With the euphoric strings on Champion or opener Big Winter Jacket, Cayucas prove they can add original ideas to the slightly overdone genre of ‘tropical indie’ while also bringing a welcome melancholy into their songs which lends them depth as well as a thick sense of nostalgia. Even if you’ve never been to the town of Cayucos or the mythical Blue Lagoon, you will probably feel some sense of a place, real or imaginary, while listening to this album. It is also one of those records that start revealing their layers with time, and are therefore worth listening to several time to fully grasp them.


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