LIVE: The Vaccines in Hamburg (DE), 09.10.2015

The Vaccines and Hamburg are not an easy combination. The band had to cancel their appearance at Hurricane Festival two years in a row before they debuted there in 2013. This year they also showed up at the festival and additionally played a headline tour in Germany to support their third album “English Grafitti”, which had come out earlier this year.

But before the quartet could take the stage at the swish Mojo Club on Reeperbahn, their support band Kid Wave tried to warm up the crowd. The four-piece from London needed a few songs before the crowd was feeling their music. After that there was nodding along and swinging from one feet to the other to their dreamy indie-pop with some rougher elements. What dinstinguishes this young female-fronted band from similar bands is the combination of the prominent bass guitar and the upbeat and precise drumming of their drummer, who seemed to enjoy herself the most of the band.

Kid Wave are too big to all fit in one picture ( © A. Hachmeister)
Kid Wave are too big to all fit in one picture (© A. Hachmeister)

Even though the concert didn’t sell out it got quite cramped in the basement club when The Vaccines opened their set with their first single from the new album. The crowd happily danced and sang along to Handsome and weren’t given a second to breathe as the band raced through Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra), Ghost Town and Dream Lover. All during the set, Justin Young gave proof of his frontman qualities as he put a lot of emotion and exaggeration in his facial expressions and body language.

The Vaccines were everything I had expected (© A.Hachmeister)
The Vaccines were everything I had expected (© A.Hachmeister)

The concert was basically everything you would expect from a really good concert. The band played all their many hits, such as Post Break-Up Sex, Teenage Icon, If you wanna, I always knew,  as well as a good bunch of new ones from English Grafitti,  communicated with the crowd, did a special acoustic version of No Hope and pleased the crowd with a three song encore finishing with Norgaard. Especially for this song some fans had prepared a banner saying “Are you ready, Freddie” which Justin Young threw over guitarist Freddie Cowan during the last song.

All in all it was an entirely satisfactory concert experience.


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