That band you love that nobody else has heard of. That show your friend talked you into going to and that changed your life. That record you’ve been listening to on repeat for the last three months … or years. That next big thing you went to see that turned out a total disappointment. That little festival you discovered by chance that made your summer. That band everyone loves you think is totally overrated. That show you went to for the main act and came back from humming the support’s tunes. That’s what indie pen dance is all about. It’s supposed to be subjective, and passionate, and fun. Because that’s what love for music is like: subjective, passionate, and fun.

I started this blog in 2009 because there was some music I felt so strongly about that I wanted to get it out there, tell people: ‘Knowing this band will considerably improve the quality of your life’. That’s probably also why in 2011 I decided to relaunch this blog in English to make it available to non-German speakers as well. The next step was to invite friends to write for this blog as well to cover a wider range of musical tastes and opinions and of course to keep the blog updated more regularly. We are also running a facebook page to get little news bits or videos out there between blog posts. If you would like to write for us too, or submit your own music, there’s more info for you on the Authors page. Hope you enjoy our little fanzine!




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