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On tour: Warm Graves

warmgravesWarm Graves from Leipzig call their music “sci-fi-delic rock”, but if you’re wondering what they sound like, their band name probably gives you a better idea. The atmosphere  on their debut album “Ships Will Come” (released October 2014) is a dark and eerie one. It does evoke a feeling of gliding through the universe in a spaceship, but with the knowledge in mind that you will probably encounter hostile aliens and also you won’t make it out alive. Well, normally I’m the last person to go “This is creepy! I love it”, but for some reason Warm Graves’ music really hit a nerve with me. Probably because they don’t really sound like anything I’ve heard before. Of course the music is a pastiche of known styles such as psychedelic and post-rock, but its special something comes from the vocals: a faraway choir, like a mythical omen, that adds a post-apocalyptic feel. Also, as someone who listens mostly to international bands, it’s nice to see a German band come up with some original ideas (although Warm Graves are actually a German-Italian-American collaboration, but still). Either way, I’m excited to see how their eerie space-journey will be played out on stage, and of course we will report on this very blog. Warm Graves play seven German dates on their European tour this spring:

28.02.2015 Lüneburg
01.03.2015 Cologne
02.03.2015 Hamburg
03.03.2015 Berlin
04.03.2015 Dresden
05.03.2015 Würzburg
06.03.2015 Schorndorf